Seven years ago, in 2007, we founded Anvexa. We have since completed a number of projects, many of which we maintain to this day.

We have formed specialized departments for:

Management Programming Design Maintenance QA Testing

Anvexa’s principal activities:

Design and Analytics
Testing and Maintenance

280 web sites

80 running projects and 470 tested platforms

+ over a thousand various tasks, gigabytes of source code and hundreds of Photoshop layers!

Our guiding principle is to choose a least costly plan for our clients and follow sensible paths.

We don’t aim for short term gain, we are interested in long term cooperation.

Your project will be supervised not by just managers,
but by experts in web-technology and its many aspects.
We are always ready to answer your questions
and help choosing the best solution.

We value our potential clients, this is why we have developed
alternative payment plans made to fit your needs.

Our flexible payment plans make
quality service available to a large number of clients.

Our Dream Team is there to take care of your project

It’s made up of dedicated experts in their fields - from designers to testers and programmers - our team is ready to begin working with you to achieve your objectives.

Create or Add

We also offer urgent ad hoc services for your website!
We can make sense of any codes,
CMS and drivers, even the most dated ones.

This is why getting new software up and running, or updating existing software is our speciality and pleasure to solve for you.


We are ready to address any problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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