Website Continuos Improvement

Post-Development is normally considered one of the most difficult tasks,
because prior to creating new software it is necessary to analyse its existing structure.

All you need to know when placing your order for post-development

How much does it cost?

We will be able to answer this question as soon as we’ve had a closer look at your website and its present condition, and have defined the approximate scope of works.

Can you fix any website?

Yes, we can. However, post-development may sometimes mean changing as much as 80% of your website. In such cases it is sensible to design a new website from scratch. We always notify our clients about it before getting started with the project.

How do you estimate the workload?

  1. Accurate and thorough description of the work you require always helps; as does accurate specification of the result you want to achieve with our assistance.
  2. Ease of access to your website.
  3. Getting in touch with you over the phone, Skype, ICQ or e-mail.

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