Content Development

Many people assume that the content of the web site can be edited by any employee. This is unfortunately not the case, as editing can only be done by experts who know the site's architecture, have experience of administrative necessities of the CMS panels, and also have professional skills in editing the image and adjusting it for web-publication.

Here’s some theory:

Unique textual content

Textual context is, above all, the information you want to present to the reader. Quality textual content plays an important role in building up popularity for your resource. We always account for all specific aspects of your project when creating the text part of the content.

Unique SEO Content

The SEO main objective is to attract clients by means of key words. Our goal is to keep the texts meaningful, at the same time supplying them with the sufficient number of keywords.

Графический контент

Как правило, это фотографии. Каждая фотография подвергается обработке, ретушированию и сохранению в нужном формате с минимальным «весом». Когда обработкой занимаются специалисты, фотографии не перегружают сайт лишним весом.


Web Content Costs

These depend on the details of the publication structure. The greater the volume of work, the lower the cost. It is also affected by the subject material required: writing unique content about technical instrumentation is more complex than describing teddy bears. But whichever your needs, rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of our attention in respect of both content creation and its placement onto the web site.

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